Chriative Minds Royal Concept (CMRC) - House of Chriative Minds,  is a humanitarian organisation that finds purpose in "Hands and Humanity". We  develop creativity and help young minds overcome life challenges along the fulfilment of their life purposes. CMRC has budding sub-brands; Chriative Minds Royals (CMR - Wears and Crafts), Chriative Minds Literati (CML - A Literature Oriented Brand), and Chriative Minds Media (CMM).


The house of Chriative Minds have 4 major rooms. They are the Departments under which our structural missions are planned and implemented. They are:

1. Hands & Humanity Department:

Focused on all forms of hand possibilities and crafts. They are in charge of the Hands Beyond the Class Outreach. They see to all our concerns with humanity. This is the central department of the organisation. They work directly with CMR

2. Department of Counseling and Spirituals

This department sees to counselling and mentorship of the candidates or products from all outreaches. Pray for them, and follow them up until they are capable of being Chriative Minds too.

3. Department of Content Creation, Books & Discoveries.

This department helps build our intellectual and writing capacity. Helps to marshal our candidates on writing and sees to our publications on our websites, and other platforms. This department suggests and circulates the books we read monthly, and sets out to discover new things in Knowledge and society.

Get the creed...

“the gift of a man makes way for him”. That humanity has been endowed with gifts has no doubt, but the question is whether wo/man has made judicious use of the gifts s/he is endowed with. HAVE YOU DEVELOPED THAT TALENT YOU HAVE? The answer might be somewhere hanging…

If so, I only ask you to push all anxieties away from your mind, and follow the CMRC journey judiciously because here you will encounter diverse experiences, stories, narratives and questions that will yield a thought or two on the maximization of your gift(s). The opportunity to tell your own story, as well as sell your businesses and services to the world also stands to be gained. See why we are committed to YOUR development?



Guiding young hands and helping humanity.


  • Free academic and Empowerment programs.  
  • Life - Coaching and Mentorship Outreaches for young minds  
  • Craft and creativity training and Discovery  
  • To establish the first Hand-Work institute of its kind  
  • Campaigns against suicide and other future -hampering factors.

Yearly Programmes and Outreaches

CMRC was conceived of in 2016 by ADEYEMO Emmanuel Oluwatosin, got initiated in 2018, started outreaches and impacts in 2019. We had however grown to build a social face and brand in 2021, and got better known for good works.

1. The Free Success Project (FSP)

We launched the first of its kind in 2020, with a massive effect on school leavers, a good number of who have significantly progressed in their studies.

2. The Anti-Suicide and Life-Help Outreach.

Launched in 2019, and hundreds of humans were helped to answer lots of questions on life-debilitating factors.

3. Hands Beyond the Class Project.

An outreach purposed to helping young minds develop simple but life-changing skills. This is the most resent initiative of CMRC, and it strongly launches 2022.


First pioneered and coordinated by ADEYEMO Emmanuel Oluwatosin, at Obafemi Awolowo University. Strongly assisted and coordinated by Olumofin Olasubomi (till time present). Chriative Minds Literati is the academic and intellectual sub-brand of CMRC, where literature, creativity and all forms of aesthetic works of Literature is being enhanced and engaged.  

CML had launched since 2016, and had helped lots of students (undergraduates especially) to prosper in their studies and exploration of Literature. CML has raised writers, readers - leaders, thinkers and critiques. This institute has also successfully produced writings, and significantly; a guide to Literature from Beginning to Renaissance. CML is the first established sub-brand of CMRC.

Chriative Minds Royals is a budding sub-brand of CMRC, purposed to enhance creativity and hand skills in young minds - stemming from fabrics to leathers and all that humans would inevitably wear or hold for aesthetics. 

The Chriative Minds Media is the CMRC media oriented brand. This brand is purposed to enhance forms of media; stemming from skits, plays, podcasting through graphic and social picture and story portrayal. 

We Are:

CMRC - House of Chriative Minds. We build Hands and help Humanity. We believe that; 

...the gift of a man makes ways for him ...

ADEYEMO Emmanuel Oluwatosin kàkàkíỌgbọ́n